Kim gives me regular treatments of MLD and Reiki and I have to say that it has made a big difference to my well being. The treatments get me back to work quickly when I have a work related injury and the Reiki is guaranteed to give me a lift. I am always recommending her 'magic hands' to friends and clients.
Karen, Fitness instructor

Having broken my feet various times, they had become continuously painful and swollen throughout the day. This meant not being able to wear certain shoes and having to raise my feet at night. However after just a couple of MLD and Hivamat treatments the puffiness subsided along with the pain and I could actually see the bones in my feet and my ankles once again had definition. Its absolutely remarkable and I'm thrilled!

I saw Kim a number of times for MLD in the three weeks following Vaser Lipo-Contouring I had on my stomach and back this year. Her cheerful, kind, and caring manner made the whole healing process a lot more enjoyable, and her knowledge and expertise made me feel very reassured that I was in good hands. The sessions were never rushed, and the massages were perfect, and really helped with my post-op discomfort. Kim also gave very good general advice, was flexible with bookings and times, and generally made the whole thing completely stress-free. I also booked her for a reiki session, which I really enjoyed, and I felt I got a lot out of. I couldn’t recommend Kim more highly, and I would definitely employ her services should I ever be in need of MLD again, and I would also love to have more reiki with her in the future.
Louise, 2012

I started seeing Kimberly in 1991 on a recommendation from a friend. Her knowledge of treatments means that she can tailor treatments to fit my needs at the time, whether I need physical or emotional healing she always has an effective method in mind. Over time I've had MLD, Massage, Reiki and Hivamat treatments from her. I am hugely indebted to Kimberly for keeping me happy and healthy and I would recommend her enthusiastically.